How to Maintain Baby Hygiene

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Now, coming to the topic of discussion that is Baby hygiene. Like many new or even experienced moms, taking care of a baby’s hygiene can be an exhausting and empowering experience. For my brand new baby girl meant cleaning and caring for body parts I had no idea how to clean or care for. It took me patience and a few calls to my doctor and my Mom to get the hang of it and I did. For moms of baby boys, the process can still take getting used to as the little ones are so tiny and their private are incredibly delicate. On this block I will cover both Cleaning of Boy’s and Girl’s private parts.

But before that I want to mention that I use all toiletries for Shambhavi which are totally unscented. Although it feels or smells really good when these tiny tots freshly bathed and envelopes in soothing fragrance.

I personally like Baby Dove and Aveeno Baby Products.

Baby’s Diapers Change routine

When it comes to hygiene for babies, changing the diapers at regular intervals of time is an important aspect. After changing the diaper, clean his or her bottom with soft baby wipes (Unscented) or damp cotton cloth is prime. If you are a mom already, you know that diaper explosions are a part of the job description. Since your baby is on a diet of milk, whether Formula or breast milk, her diaper content will be a kin to liquid. She can go from snuggled up happily in a swing or bobby pillow in a clean diaper to cover up to her back with what should be contained in her diaper.

How to clean a Baby Girl :-

When you have a baby girl, it can be an involved and overwhelming process to clean their private parts. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to cleaning your baby girl during diaper changes is to wipe her from belly to butt, or front to back. If wiped the opposite way, bottom to belly, you can bring fecal matter into her very delicate and sensitive baby girl bits. This can cause a very preventable infection.

How to clean a Baby Boy :-

When you have a baby boy, you get to find that their private part are extremely delicate. The most important part to remember during diaper change clean him from butt to belly, or back to front unlike baby girl. If wiped the opposite way, belly to bottom, fecal matter can get into his part.

When you hear other women talk about becoming a mom, it never fails for them to bring up how many diapers they have to change. As a mom myself, I have changed more diapers than I can even begin to count. In the beginning, when your baby is only drinking milk, they are soiling their diapers constantly. It is important to change the baby’s diaper as soon as you notice that they are ready for a change. While you don’t need to be a wet diaper detective, you simply need to keep an eye, and nose, out for soiled diapers. When you let a baby sit in their soiled diaper for too long, the moisture can create a nasty and very uncomfortable rash for baby that can reach their bottoms and private areas.

I dont have a baby boy but I have nephews and seen them. Boys are usually more prone to rashes or heat rashes, I prefer not to put powder or any baby talcum as well. keep the baby without diaper for a while and when you have to put the diaper on, put some ointment or diaper cream on diaper then on the rashes.
Although Shambhavi never got rashes but when i was visiting India i found redness around the thighs, I guess due to Weather. And I have personally tried this way of applying ointment on diaper and it worked for me.

Tip:- here is the tip that istead of diaper rash cream i have used nipple cream on the rashes and it worked miraculously. I use Medela Tender Care.

The basic hygienic rule is always clean your hands before or after the diaper change or cleaning the private to avoid infections for baby or for your own self. (Maa mane dettol ka dhula 😀 )

Wipe Gums and Teeth Daily :-

As an adult, we know that brushing our teeth and general oral care is important in order to ward off gum disease and to hold on to our teeth. For your little one, they obviously don’t have teeth quite yet but that doesn’t mean that they oral care should be skipped. Once a day, clean your baby’s mouth and gums with a damp cloth. It may seem like it is unnecessary because your baby is brand new and doesn’t even have teeth yet. However, wiping your baby’s gums regularly helps to keep bacteria at bay and keep the gums healthy and ready when the teeth do come in. As your babe gets older, the wiping of their gums will feel good as they start to teethe. Their swollen and red gums will love the soothing feeling of a cool cloth rubbing against their gums. 🙂

Cleaning of Baby Nails, Fingers and Toes :-

Most babies are born with long nails. Because they have almost no control over their hands or limbs, they often times scratch their faces and necks without meaning to. While the mittens were useful for the first couple of weeks, I quickly noticed that my baby would somehow manage to get them off of her hands. The best solution to the problem is to break out the baby nail clipper and clip those little claws. Making sure that their nails are clipped also keeps dirt from building up underneath as babies tend to put their hands directly into their mouths often. Clipping your baby’s nails regularly is essential in baby hygiene. The best time to trim the nails is when the baby is asleep.

Cleaning the Baby Ears with Wash Clothes :-

Most mothers tend to forget that the inside of baby’s ears also needs special attention. They should never be forgotten as his little hands will scratch and come out with dirt. The baby’s ears should be cleaned well and quite delicately to prevent injuries. His washcloth would serve well to clean his ears.
Mothers should ensure that they do not insert pointy things and even earbuds or Q-Tips into a baby’s ears. If the baby feels or looks uncomfortable as his ears are being cleaned, this could be an indication of an ear infection and one should take it to the pediatrician as soon as possible to get it treated.

My Mom suggested me to put the olive oil or any sort of mineral oil just a drop in each ear after the bath, twice a week. It keeps the ear clean and if there is any accumulation of dirt inside the ear muscles it will come off. I use this method on Shambhavi regularly. Our family Doctor suggested to put some ear wax removal oil if I suspect anything big inside the ear, but luckily I never needed it.

Keep The Nose Unclogged :-

Babies get boogers just like everyone else, but unlike older people, they can’t blow them out. Boogers can clog up a baby’s nose and they can even lead to difficulties breathing, which can make it difficult for a baby to nurse. To ensure that the baby does not suffer these discomforts, one should clean the baby’s nose well and remove anything that may be clogging his nose.
Dried mucus can be cleaned using a soft damp cotton cloth. For those hard to reach boogers, we can use saline drops to loosen them up and then wipe gently or a suction bulb can be used. Care should be taken to ensure that the saline drops used are recommended for the baby’s age.

How to keep Eyes Clean :-

We all witnessed when the baby wakes up with eyes caked with yellow or white cheesy material. Some babies even wake up with their eyes shut tight due to this cheesy substance. When this happens, use a wet warm cloth to clean each eye individually and ensure that when washing, one does not touch the other eye. This is done to prevent the transfer of any infection from one eye to the other. It may be caused by an infection, or it may be from allergies. . Do not aggressively rub on the eyes as this can cause irritation. Clean gently and with a lot of care until all the cheesy caking is gone from the eyes and eyelashes.
When i was visiting India shambhavi got this problem in just 2 days of stay. And she was extremely uncomfortable and fussy. I kept cleaning her eyes twice a day with warm water. it went off in just a matter of day. But if if it stays more than 24 Hours consult your pediatrician ASAP, it can be allergies. Do not aggressively rub on the eyes as this can cause irritation. Clean gently and with a lot of care until all the cheesy caking is gone from the eyes and eyelashes.

I hope this information suffices all your queries and worries regarding baby hygeine.

I tried putting all my views and experiences in this blog, if you have any question or disagreement please feel free to share your view.

Till then Caio!

Happy Motherhood 🙂

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